creating two administrative user accounts--possible? and other questions

Jul 10, 2016
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*SORRY--just realized this should be in another forum. Not sure how to move but checking with admin now.

I would like to create two administrator user profiles, one with complete control and one configured with (at least) two limitations:

1) the inability to move, delete, or otherwise modify executables (or other files, as needed); plan on doing that through making the primary administrator control a given file, and then assigning lesser rights to the secondary administrator.

2) the inability to enter safe mode, modify the registry, or change the time.

I want to give the primary administrator complete rights, so if something happens backup etc. is accessible.

1) First, need to know if it is possible (and won't screw up my system).

2) If it is, can this be done safely, and through group policy?

3) Also, can both users share the same programs, file settings, etc.?

I currently have Win 10 x64 Home, but am planning to upgrade (the free, fully functional--but nagging) Win 10 Pro to use group policy--it has it, right?

I read that older versions of Windows allowed you to create a "superuser" profile with advanced properties; if I can't do this in Windows 10, would it be advisable to go back to Win 8 (or whatever version supported that feature)?

Thank you!


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