Data recovery from faulty HDD

Aug 22, 2015
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Data Recovery ??
I have a HDD which was used with Win10 and crashed . Boot sector went kaput, nothing to do with Win10.
what do I need in terms of Hardware and Software to spin up this drive and recover data files or directories
from this drive to an external device such as a thumb drive, DVD ,etc. ??
Can I safely (safely) plug it into my working PC if there is provision for another HDD, slot and connector and try to access the drive etc. ?


May 6, 2015
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If is just the MBR and so the drive won't boot then probably you could just plug it in, use Disk Mangagement and then you'd be able to see it on your working machine.
Another and possibly more reliable way is to plug it in and then boot the machine with a Linux distro on a CD/DVD and use the tools on there. You do need a Linux disk with the NTFS drivers but I think they tend to be on all the modern distros

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