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Jun 4, 2017
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Hello. I just joined the forums to ask this question.

I have a problem regarding the sign in options. The problem is, I can't completely disable them, and I can't understand why.

What I want, is my computer to launch without asking for anything as a verification. No password, no PIN, no picture, nothing. Just push the turn on button, and go to the desktop interface a minute later.

Going to settings > sign in options , I can actually see that every single option is practically disabled. I have no PIN, favourite pic etc. Also, and most importantly, the first option, reading "require sign-in" is set to "Never". But the computer actually ignores these options and asks for my password, every time.

So, is there something I'm missing? Are there options regarding the sign-in that are not listed under "sign-in options" ? Is that "Never require sign-in" not literally doing what it says?

I feel like I'm missing something very important in these options. And if I'm not, it feels kinda silly not to be able to disable sign-in requirements, even though there is an option for that.

Thanks a lot for any replies. :)



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi OrestisT,

Welcome to the Forum.
  • Right-click on Start and select Run
  • In the run dialog type netplwiz then click OK
  • Left-click once to highlight the User account you do not want to sign in to
  • Now above the listed User accounts, remove the check next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer
  • Click Apply button, then in the prompt that opens enter your password, then re-enter then click OK

Now back in the Start > Settings > Accounts section you have all ready taken a look in:
  • On the left side click Sign-in options
  • Now on the top right side click the hyperlinked: Lock screen
  • Scroll to bottom and click the hyperlinked: Screen saver settings
  • Remove the check next to On resume, display the logon screen

That ought to take care of the issue.



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