Display messed up after windows 10 latest upgrade.


Feb 20, 2016
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My ealier upgrade of Windows 10 had no problem at all and perfomance was great. Recently however, windows 10 upgraded itself automatically and it messed up my display unit. It restricted the display area to about 65% of the mornitor space. Installed it's own driver and would not allow me install my monitor's own driver. I tried everything at the display and personalisation settings to get the windows use the full screen as usual, but unlike before the upgrade, there are no options that affected the monitor.

My monitor is AOC model F22 (built 2009). System: desktop, AMD A6-5400k 3.60Ghz, Memory 4Gb

I went to imenu (AOC's display setting) and adjust the resolution to 1280x1024. The display rather expanded like a ruber band filling the secreen disproportinately and defualted there. I tried everything to return it to were it was, but it wouldn't move.

Secondly, the sleep button and mechanism is no longer working.


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Nov 19, 2013
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Most of these types of issues are a result of a GPU driver problem and not generally caused by a monitor driver (most monitors don't actually need a driver to function)
Check Device Manager and see if it is showing the proper dispay adapater for your installed hardware.
You may need to install or re-install the latest driver to get things back to normal.
What GPU are you using?

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