Far Cry 3 Constant Crashing

Jul 12, 2018
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Well I"m another unsatisfied Windows 10 user, I recently bought Far Cry 3 on a Steam sale, and it constantly crashes, I did find some "advice" on the forum to disable "Touch keyboard and handwriting" blah blah blah. This does nothing, I for one am sick and tired of using Windows 10, it is one of the worst operating systems ever invented Satya Nadella needs a good swift kick in the head and then a kick in the a$$ right to the garbage dumpster. This system runs so bad, it's intrusive, and overrides Nvidia color settings every time there is a garbage windows 10 update, oh sorry I mean NSA spyware update, and also to all the advert companies.
I use to use windows 7 but since Microcrap is deprecating all older hardware that's not an option, and not to mention the garbage Direct X software is also being rendered obsolete, and I can't run DirectX 11 unless I use this nonsense operating system M$ calls W10. I'm sick and tired of this idiocy.
I hate W10 with a passion, no wonder people are switching to MAC and Linux.


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