File Explorer and Software Problems

Feb 2, 2016
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At some point, I don't know exactly when, I began having these problems:

File Explorer sometimes displays a full dropdown menu and then displays just a slender list of right-arrows. Also, when I delete or rename a file or folder, I have to refresh the screen by getting out and getting back in.

Certain applications behave strangely or give error messages. Adobe Photoshop Elements takes a long time to load and then sometimes aborts when I try to save a file. When I run Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 I get error messages (which make no sense to me).

I should add, though it may have nothing to do with anything that I recently installed PC Matic. After some problems which they could not resolve (because all of their "solutions" were for earlier Windows versions) I uninstalled the software.

Is there a safe way to load Windows 10 again? Will this eliminate the problem?


Oct 1, 2014
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There are several posts in the forum regarding file system situations. I am not sure about exactly what drop down menu you are referring to, but not being able to rename or create folders have been some of the complaints. We do not know what is causing these situations.

On my clean install system, I notice if I save a file to the desktop, it will not show up until after I refresh the desktop. It may be happing in other places but I don't remember it happening prior to some of the recent updates. I do not seem to be encountering the other situations.

You can reinstall Windows 10 cleanly after you have done a legal upgrade and the system has been registered to be Windows 10 activated. I have not run the software you installed so I have no info on if uninstalling it removes all traces. If it was convenient for you to do a clean install, it would probably be a good idea. Prior to doing that, think about creating a backup of your current install. Something like a System Image backup would allow you to recreate your current install or allow you to recover specific files after the clean install is done.

Knowing what version of Windows 10 which includes bit type and UEFI or Legacy configuration might help in the install process.

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