Scrolling file explorer window

Jan 13, 2019
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I have seen this issue elsewhere, and have tried all fixes mentioned to keep window from scrolling back to top of folder. I checked the automatic colors feature to be sure it was off, it is. The quick access settings wrre already set as described. I even switched ports for mouse, tried using mouse pad and using touch screen to scroll. All to no avail folder automatically returned to top. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Nov 19, 2013
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It has been a long time since I've heard about this issues, so....
The first thing I would do if I were you is to check and make sure I was running the latest version and build of Windows 10.

The only other thing that I recall that was blamed for causing this issue was using a slide show as your desktop background.
It seems that every time the desktop background would advance to the next picture in the slide show it would index File Explorer back to the top.

As I said.... been a while since anyone brought this up as a problem.

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