File Format Associations

May 20, 2015
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Hi There

I have been battling with Corel over this issue for a month or more now.

Within PaintShop Pro X8 is a menu item called Preferences. Under this menu is a sub menu called File Format Associations. Every PSP from the beginning has had this option and it still has it.

In earlier versions of the program this sub menu would open a box as shown in attachment File Format Associations PSP 9
File Format Associations PSP 9.PNG

Now, all of a sudden when I click on that option in the new PSP X8 I get what's shown in the File Format Associations PSP X8 attachment.
File Format Associations PSP X8.PNG

All I want is to be able to see the box and not the one that wants to send me to Windows 10 to configure my File Associations.

Why does Windows 10 interfere with my program? This is so annoying. Corel doesn't even know what I'm talking about.

Hope I have made myself clear here.

Thanks for any help



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