SOLVED Final Version of RS5 in sight??

Oct 26, 2016
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this is a google translation from an article I have found on a German Website:

The fact that Microsoft has made good progress with the development of the next major Windows 10 feature update has been clear since the last Windows Insider builds. Now there are first indications that the development is officially stopped and the next preview will already appear without a watermark and without expiration date.

Microsoft has already compiled a new build, which will appear first without a watermark and expiration date. This is reported by the news page and refers to the Build 10 found on Windows 10 Build with the number 17751.1 (10.0.17751.1 rs5_release 08/28/2018). The previews for the Windows 10 Version 1809 have almost reached the so-called "Release To Manufacturing" status with Build 17751.

Is the development of the RS5 branch now officially stopped?
The fledged version number 17751.1 indicates by the version xxx.1 that Microsoft has now officially stopped the development of the RS5 branch. Earlier, these versions were called "escrow": Escrow means that the development of a branch is stopped and the code is tested. This is the official preliminary stage to the Release Candidate (RC) or just to the RTM (Release To Manufacturing). This is the beginning of the official final phase of development. In the "sign-off phase", the builds are then not only published with the official version number, in this case 1809, but also without the typical insider watermark.

Look at showstopper
If Microsoft does not find any more serious bugs by itself, this new internal preview will soon reach the Fast Ring. If the Windows Insiders do not find any of the so-called "showstoppers" when testing, the version is considered as deliverable.

Thus, the work on the next major update for Microsoft's operating system could be completed for the time being, even if the RTM status is no longer as important as it used to be.



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