How to fix HP Printer Offline in windows 10 after Updates

Jun 1, 2018
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How to fix HP Printer Offline in windows 10 after Updates

Most of the customers uses hp printers in all countries and worlds most used operating system is windows. Microsoft windows 10 is the latest operating system from windows and Microsoft updates them regularly but after some updates some printers they face the problems like printer not connected printer offline and all that. So here is the solution for your problems related to fix hp printer offline windows 10.

Simple Steps that you have to follow:-
  1. Restart your Printer and leave it OFF for 1-2 mins.
  2. Restart your Computer.
  3. Setup the Wireless connection again on the Printer to make it sure that its connected to the Internet. (Because most of the customers don't know how to check that printer is connected or not to the internet) So reconnect the Printer again to the router or your WiFi.
  4. Remove the Old printer which is installed on your computer.
  5. Once connection is successful Add new printer to your windows 10 computer.
  6. Now your printer is Online and good to go with new updates on windows 10.

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