How to stop win10 taking up memory on each program installed ?

Jul 17, 2020
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I did a printscreen of Task Manager, available RAM.
I run 32Gb DDR3 Vengeance Pro with win7 on an SSD and have now installed win 10 to new SSD.
lets install the progs. after firstly getting attached hardware operational with drivers etc.
After each install I reboot and look at Task Manager.
reboot PC note available ram at start of process.
install Photoshop CS6 and reboot , oh dear available RAM is down by 13%
Rhino V5 (goes on as v5 and v5 64bit...2 progs) down another 0.2Gb
Rhino V7 down another 0.3Gb
I calculate I will have no memory left at this rate as 140 progs to go on.

go back to win7. and find out what to do to win10, bucket of water perhaps.



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