I have a question about a Windows 10 computer and a HP Deskjet printer

May 3, 2020
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I have a Dell 64 bit Windows 10 computer, and I recently purchased a HP 4100e DeskJet printer. The instructions that came with the printer said to set up the printer using WIFI, and do not use a USB connection. It said to download HP Smart, and follow the instructions once I opened the app.

The wireless button was blinking on the printer. On my laptop, I went to Network Connections in the Control Panel, and clicked on WIFI to see what WIFI networks were available, and a HP setup network popped up, so I clicked on that. I then went to HP Smart on my computer and completed the setup.

But I have several questions:

What network was I on?

Was the network on the PC or the printer?

Was this a HP network?

Thank you for any answers that you can give me !

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

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