If your legitimate Win 10 password does not work try this solution

Aug 16, 2015
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I spent a day working this out!

I installed Win 10 - all working. The next day I powered up and it asked me for my LIve ID password.

I typed it in - no luck.

I tried everything to get it to work. The same password worked everywhere else.

Eventually I found out that some of my alphabet keyboard keys are changed to numbers keys when the num lock key was on AND, by default Win 10 leaves the num lock key on.

This meant my password was not being entered correctly (you cant see this by default)

After you type the first letter in, the box shows a little grey icon like an eye. If you click and hold this it will show you the letters as you type.

My keyboard is a little small, there is no light to tell me if the num keys are on.

In Dos can usually set the boot up so that the numbers key is turned off during the process of booting. I seem to remember I did this, but when I checked it was not turned on. Was this WIN 10? I shall never know.

I contacted Microsoft for advice before I discovered this. I was told to wait 24 hours and to reformat the hard drive!!

Be careful



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Nov 19, 2013
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Good information and nice find.
Thanks for posting and hopefully this may prove helpful to others.

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