In a loop. Can't reset, system restore, safe mode start, chkdsk

Nov 2, 2016
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I am being driven nuts, please help! I got a new windows 10 laptop the other week. So I installed windows updates, updated some drivers and installed some other browsers.

In the 1st week I had it, I've had it unable to boot up about 10 times. Each time I've had to go back to a different system restore version and eventually I've got it working though I've had to re-install all my lost programs / drivers etc.

Well the final time, Windows was fine, just CPU was at 100% so I thought a nice re-start would solve it. Now I'm in a world of pain. None of the automatic repair options work. There's nothing more to system restore. It won't reset (stops at about 35% and says there's an error). The system repair disk I made before this does nothing. All safe mode + networking stuff doesn't work. I have made a recovery disk from my old Windows 10 laptop in a bid to try and help this poor laptop but so far no use. From command prompt I ran chkdsk c: /r /x which may have found something but since I was absent I didn't get to see the final message. I went on to try and run sfc /scannow but it says it can't as the system needs a reboot and even re-starting I still get that message.

When the laptop is booting up there is a message but it flashes up for 0.00002 of a second so I can't read it. Then I get the same old repair tools. I'm only an intermediate-level fixer - up to now I've always managed to eventually fix stuff myself. But this is flummoxing me! Any ideas where I go from here? Thanks!


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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
I got a new windows 10 laptop the other week
Sounds like you are having a disproportionate amount of problems, considering it's a "new" laptop.
I think at some point you might take up the issue with the seller or the manufacturer to see if they can provide any insight as to the problems you seem to be experiencing
All safe mode + networking stuff doesn't work
Does that mean that you are unable to boot the system into Safe Mode?

You may be looking at a factory reset in your very near future.
Have you made backups of your critical data and or made a disk image of your hard drive at some point?
Sure would be handy to be able to at least recover to a point in time.
Apr 4, 2016
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Sounds like a Windows Update or other addition which has put the computer into a loop. I'm guessing you didn't back up your computer first?

I'd highly recommend that you re-install the OS. Since you have no backup (WSR doesn't help either in this case) then there's not much else to do.

What I would also recommend is that you start running regular backups. Because it's a laptop, a snapshot tool like RollBack Rx or Comodo Time Machine would be best for system performance but a disk imager works as well.

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