Internal network issue with Windows 10

Aug 15, 2015
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I've just started experiencing problems logging into my ISP at time the daily ISP driven IP 'reset' occurred. I think that this is another issue. This may be a router issue but I'm loathe to spend $400 on a new router when everything else about it seems to work.

It is not helped by being attached to the 'superfast' Australian NBN (which is actually slower than my old ADSL line) as a result of which nobody admits culpability to any physical problems with the network.

Anyway the real problem seems to be that I've also completely lost access to my internal network at around the time an update occurred (update 2004 running on a cabled desktop and 1809 running on a portable). Sounds like a router problem? Well I would have thought so too but for using a linux usbdrive as a test run on the portable with absolutely no issues connecting to the internal network.

For example when I use Win 10 I cannot open the routers homepage but with linux running I can. In a powershell I can see the correct routing table (route print) and ipconfig gives me the correct gateway and local address (fixed by the way) but I cannot ping the gateway and at times the actual local address.

I'm running 1809 on the portable as there seems to be driver problem with anything since but the desktop upgraded to 2004 recently (insider issued) with no connection issues at that time, ie before the isp logpn outage occurred. I admit I haven't tried the linux box on the desktop to see whether that works aok (happening next).

The only other thing to say is that I only have one VDSL modem to connect to the NBN via FTTB so cannot truly say whether it is a stuffed router but I do have an old ADSL2 router that I configured as an alternative (without the nbn connection) and exactly the same thing happens ie no internal connectivity with Windows and everything works under linux.

It has to be a Windows issue with the internal network? Oh, I use a 3rd party firewall and virus programme (Eset) which I have switched off and windows shows no firewall running during any of the tests.


Sep 5, 2019
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Sounds like an IP address conflict - you have fixed IP - you didn't mention if you have reserved that IP address in your router so it doesn't assign it to another device. Seems the likely culprit since you have connectivity with Linux on the same PC and network. Try switching the static IP to DHCP. If you are able to connect then there's your problem.

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