Keep getting blue screens when logging in

Jun 25, 2018
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So, I've ran into a problem and I am incredibly distraught and I don't know what to do.

I don't know if this is irrelevant or not but recently, I've downloaded Google's Backup and Sync program in order to get access to my Google Drive. I did this two days ago but now, I've ran into problem. The night before, I shut down my laptop and the screen pops up that says that Backup and Sync is still shutting down. I let it shut down and closed my laptop screen and went to bed.

When I launched my laptop this morning, a blue screen popped up and then my laptop restarted. This time, however, my laptop booted up and allowed me access to the login screen. I typed in my pin and then suddenly, a blue screen, same as the one before, popped up. It did this three times and then it sent me to the WinRe screen. There, I tried to apply some typical fixes:

First, I tried to do a Start-up repair. Windows wouldn't let me do it so tried something else. Then I did a disk check up and they said nothing was wrong. I proceeded to try a system restore twice but an error occurred each time and wouldn't let me complete it. I tried to go back to a previous version of Windows but it wouldn't let me do that either because of a error. I tried to go into safe mode but when I tried to log in, the same blue screen popped up again.

I have a HP Notebook 15 64-bit laptop. Is there anything I could do before factory resetting it? I don't want to go through this carp anymore.

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