Lock Screen Time Out Period

May 7, 2018
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I have an extremely annoying issue with my Windows 10 Home / Build 1709 / OS Build 16299.371 LOCK SCREEN kicking in CONSTANTLY after 3 minutes of idleness. As you can imagine this is frustrating as every time it kicks in I have to wait at least 30 seconds or more to get back to business by the time I re-enter my password and wait on the PC to resume desktop activities. (yea, I know 30 seconds is not eternity... but when this happens dozens and dozens of times each day one can imagine how frustrating it gets !)

Any how, I have gone into both the Screen Saver as well as the Display Settings for Lock Screen and changed (AND VERIFIED !) that I set all timers to 30 minutes. Yet regardless, the Lock Screen continues to kick-in after 3 minutes of idleness. Any ideas ??

For the record I'm running a Lenovo U310 laptop with a 3rd generation i5 processor and 4-GB of RAM.

Thank You.


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