SOLVED Login woes in Safe Mode

Apr 13, 2018
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I am working on a computer running Windows 10, 64-bit. The model computer is an HP 15-f211wm laptop. A friend brought it over saying there was a problem with sound and thought it may be infected. I saw Malwarebytes was already installed. I updated it using an ethernet connection. I then disabled system protection (i.e. System Restore) and set the computer to automatically boot into Safe Mode.

This is where the nightmare begins. I cannot log on to the computer in Safe Mode using the password that worked just fine when it was 'normal' mode. I have tried it NUMEROUS times. I tried booting into Safe Mode with Networking, but the machine does not recognize ANY connections, wired or wireless. I can see the light come on when I plug in an ethernet cable. The wifi light is orange. I do not see any switches on the machine. Press "Fn + F12" accomplishes nothing. There are no connections available when I click the networking icon. in fact, it has an icon of an "X" over it.

I tried utilizing the Command Prompt feature available found by holding down shift and clicking "restart" from the power button icon. That takes me to a screen where I can see my friend's Gmail address. I sent her an email with instructions to reset her Microsoft Live password, but that password does not work nor does the one I used to log on using "normal" mode.

I created a Windows 10 boot CD, but the laptop's built-in CD drive does not work. I attached a DVD drive using a USB cable and SATA connections. The computer can see the DVD drive, but will not boot from it. I put the disk in another computer and it can be read so it's not the disk.

My next step is load the Windows 10 ISO to a USB drive and try that. I am so $#@%#@ frustrated right now. I want to throw this POS out the window and hit it with a sledge hammer.

All I want to do is find a way to get on to the computer without losing any of her data. I do have a UBCD disk and utilized the password reset feature in it on another computer months ago, but that caused a loss of all pictures, files, within the user account of the password I reset. I would GREATLY appreciate any help that can be offered. Thank you!



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Nov 19, 2013
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You might be able to rescue the computer by enabling the normally hidden / disabled Administrator account and use that to possibly fix the password problem on your local user account.
You'll need to boot from the installation media. If you do not have the installation media on hand you can download the ISO from here
Once you have the ISO, you can use ImgBurn to burn it to a DVD,
or Rufus to burn it to a USB ThumbDrive,
either of which you can use to boot your computer.

Follow the steps outlined here

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