Looking for LTSC product ( got License)

Sep 14, 2020
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Hello everyone,
I am looking for windows LTSC retail one but couldn't find anywhere, ( please don't suggest media creator cus it breaks lot of things inside I am not a fan of it) else a different servers of Microsoft connected. I have a genuine Enterprise Key which I brought from my office through an IT guy, now I don't have the software I am looking for the OS (LTSC version Of course) Can someone please help me with any website or any link where I can Download this version properly and full end with everything build in equipped...I know there are many other alternatives, but I don't want those....I want something clean....Please do shed some light I will be very thankful to everyone I have been looking all around and reach here though...so I request for a help...Any kind of little help will be very grateful...

Presently I am using Windows 10 pro {20H2 (19042.508)} the current one
Many THANKS in ahead....

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