Looking for an effective OCR application.


Dec 19, 2015
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I have been looking at a few OCR applications and found them lacking so I'm setting out a wider explanation as to what I'm looking for.
I am studying a subject where I'm constantly finding documents up to 500 pages long which I need to be able to copy paragraphs from to work with and one can’t do that with PDF documents therefore I need an OCR application and as I’m not a latter day Einstein it needs to be reasonably easy to operate.
I started to look for free applications and soon found they would only offer three pages or so before asking me to pay for a commercial application. No problem with that but if they claim to be free then free they should be.
I thought that I may find something with Microsoft or Windows and as I use Windows 10 if there were such applications I would hope that OCR applications in their stable would be more effective.
My wish list is as follows:
A free Microsoft possibly Windows 10 OCR application.
A paid for Microsoft possibly Windows 10 OCR application.
If anyone considers that there are OCR applications other than Microsoft or Windows10 I would be happy to consider them free or paid for.
PS I read that some scanners carry an OCR application. I have an Epson GT 1500 and am not clever enough to work out if that is so with my scanner.


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