Low Sound

Dec 11, 2020
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Hello:) I am having trouble with my PC having low sounds in windows 10
Ryzen 5 1500x
B350 Tomohawk
Windows 10
Arctis 3 Headset plugged in via headphones jacks ontop of nzxt case
I went on vacation for about a week but my cats turned my pc on while I was away. I came back to a pc that would not display, ended up resetting mobo via taking battery out for 15 mins and restarting which worked. Then my audio was low and started to follow the steps. Uninstalled and reinstalled realtek audio drivers, check all settings in headphones, loudness equalization, control from apps, sound levels, checked all headphone connectors, etc etc. I am at my end with possibilities and looking for some help. Thank you!


Dec 25, 2015
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check the version of win10 installed.
latest is 20H2 download the windows media creation tool and install an "upgrade"
this will only upgrade the win10 version

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