Mail app/Chrome keeps opening on its own at random and minimises whatever is on the screen

Apr 29, 2019
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Sorry about the long post, this issue has been disrupting my work for a few days and i'm desperate for a fix.

This issue started 4 days ago out of the blue. The stock mail app would open itself at random, sometimes at right after start-up sometimes maybe an hour after start-up, like I said totally random. After I close it sometimes it takes some time to pop up again and sometimes it pops back up right away.
I uninstalled the app using win powershell and then chrome started behaving in the same manner. Uninstalled chrome and this "You are trying to open a file of type 'system file' (.dll)" message keeps popping up.
I haven't made any changes to the system before this issue started, it just started totally out of the blue.
I contacted Microsoft helpline 4 different times and 4 different tried 4 different fixes -

  1. Created a new user account
  2. Performed something similar to a clean boot to stop chrome from starting up and stuff
  3. Downloaded and installed a Win 10 repair because he suspected the OS is corrupt
  4. Did a full reset
After the reset I straight away uninstalled the mail app and didn't download chrome either. It was okay for a few hours but then the error message started popping up again.

I have run Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. Also a lot of other free malware detectors posted on some forums but none have found out the root of the problem.
Im hoping that I get a definite fix here :/


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