Microsoft Solitaire Collection Very fast times cheating or not

Feb 28, 2020
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I have been playing solitaire (all five games) for a very long time. I could see someone playing and getting a time for a world tour of 2 hr or so for a 4000 point game. But to get 19 min cannot be done by anyone physically using a mouse, touch screen or voice command because there is just to many cards to move. But I figured out how they are doing it by the use of one or two ways. 1st way is because Microsoft hid a secret auto play for developers to use in troubleshooting and this will finish the game in seconds on a fast computer. The second way is a AI playing. An AI could run thru the all the sequences in a matter of seconds.
I get most tours done in 1 to 3 hrs depending on the difficulty, number of games, and the number of mistakes I make. I am at level Master or higher in 4 of the five games. Freecell is my worst lol.


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