Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Receiver 2.0A model 1019

Feb 6, 2016
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At times my keyboard will not type all letters, so I have to go back and try to get the keyboard to type the word, I have to try to reset it by pressing the button on the front of the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Receiver 2.0A model 1019, then pressing the connect channel button on the bottom of the keyboard in that order per the instructions on the bottom of the receiver. Now after doing all this it doesn’t always make it work correctly. Sometimes I have to do it a few more time or it may work right away, this is an ongoing issue. Really a pain when I’m filling out forms. At times it will go for days working OK then bam it starts up doing what it shouldn’t. My mouse is not part of this as it is a Logitech mouse. Anyone else have this problem, I like this keyboard so I don’t want to give it up.

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