Mouse is driving me crazy

Sep 27, 2017
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I am using win 10, latest updates installed, on a I7, 64 bits machine.

during the last two\three months, the mouse became erratic, very difficult to do precise "small moves" like when you are close to the target and need to move a few millimeters. I do graphic work, were this problem higly impact the productivity

have changed from my Ms arc touch mouser to a logitec top of the line and finally purchased a MS 3500.

all of them present the same erratic behavior.

on the windos I have tried all suggestions found on several forums, some of them brought some improvements but did not eliminated the problem.

on my opinion this problem started with the big upgrade of win 10 on april / may.

I am resisting to the idea to do a system reset, don’t want to lose all installed programs.

from the forums I see I am not alone on this matter.

do we have a real solution to this problem?

Will appreciate some help



Jun 9, 2017
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Do you have the same issues using a USB or PS2 mouse

Sounds to me like your having a transmit delay issue with the wireless. not sure on the MS system, Logitech has propriety 2.5 RF wireless and should work good on window 10 native drivers.

Still sounds like maybe you need specific drivers for your system for which ever wireless system your using.

Bluetooth has been famous for delayed response with earlier technology

You might want to try a Gaming Mouse with DPI setting these mice give you a lot of access to setting on the fly higher DPI Setting give you tighter control, lower DPI Setting will speed up movements I would jump into a gaming forum for more detailed info on gaming mice there are a few to choose from and there not cheap at all.

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