Moving files to external drive

Nov 12, 2016
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A few months ago I was in this forum complaining about receiving email. That problem has been solved but only in a left-handed manner. Email has never been right. Now I'm wondering about moving files (syncing music files) between Windows Media Player and a flash drive, and also an external drive.

Problem One: the external drive may have crashed. No music seems recoverable. The pc does not recognize the drive.
Problem Two: Cannot seem to move music from Media Player to a flash drive. The flash drive plays music in an automobile. Media Player can play some music but not all files on the pc. Tried opening a new folder in the flash drive, dragging and dropping files. No go. Tried syncing music to the flash drive. No go.

I spent a couple of years moving music from vinyl to mp3....something like 250 albums. Now, I can no longer:
- rip vinyl
- recover tons of music from an external drive
- move mp3s from pc to flash drive

Since this is the only real application I have for my computer, you can say I'm dead in the water. The whole operation has been a real drain on time and resources.

The problems may or may not have anything to do with Win10, but a lot of these problems began right after acquiring the Win10 computer.


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