Multiple Photo Printing

Apr 11, 2018
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I have managed to retrieve Multiple Photo Printing App but when asked to indicate the photos to print I can only select one photo at a time, I click one photo and when clicking the next the first one is not indicated. I can select any type or size of this one photo. Any ideas of the problem.


Sep 26, 2017
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Thank you for posting in Microsoft community.

You cannot print multiple photos from Photo app. You will get print option only once you open photo. Without opening photo you will not get the option to print

Follow steps to print photos from Photo app.

1. Open Photo in Photo app.
2. Right click on Photo you will get option to print.

You can print multiple photos from picture folder or to the location where photos are saved in file explorer. I suggest you to leave a Feedback in the feedback app. You may simply search for “Windows Feedback” from the search box and follow onscreen instruction.

Personally I use the familiar Windows Photo Viewer.

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