Multiple problems making My Favorites work in Windows 10 (Edge)

Sep 30, 2015
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I've been using Windows 10 for a few months now. Only real problem I have is the My Favorites in Edge. Had no problem originally importing my favorites from IE but here are my problems in Edge..... When I create a new folder and type in the name I want, it won't hold it. Just keeps going back to "New Folder" in the name field. Same thing happens if I try to rename an existing folder. It just goes back to the original name. Also, since I'm not finding any way to do organizational duties like IE had, such as being able to click on "Sort By Name" and having the new folders automatically fall into alphabetical order, so I keep trying to drag and drop the new folder to it's alphabetical location, which at first appears to work well (although is a step backwards from IE in my opinion). I can hover the new folder right in the location I want to drop it (and the folder above and the one below move out of the way for this) but when I actually drop it, it goes into either the folder above or the one below. Then Edge does not appear to have any way to move, drag & drop, or again, provide any organizational options that were available in IE, to get the folder back out, other than using the "Remove" option. Sometimes I've had a whole list of saved web addresses already in the folder and by requiring I do a "Remove" rather than what only makes sense but doesn't seem to have been provided in Edge, which would have been a "Move" feature, I end up losing all the websites and the new folder. Then I start all over again, but keep having all the same issues. Is anyone else having these problems?


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Nov 19, 2013
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Is anyone else having these problems?
Although I am not an avid MS Edge fan, I did just try to duplicate some of your issues.
Renaming a folder in edge, in favorites.... worked without an issue.
Drag and drop a folder in edge, in favorites.... worked without an issue.
Sorting in general kind of sucks unless you are fond of Alphabetical, which works for me.

As far as rescuing a folder that was dropped into another folder.....
It may help to know where these items are actually kept.

AppData is actually a hidden system folder, so you will either need to uncheck the box in View -> Folder Option -> View -> Hide protected operating system files
Or else copy and paste the path (with your actual UserName in it) into the run dialog box (right click start and choose run).

You should be able to go there and cut and paste the errant folder back to where it belongs.

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