No internet access after reboot

Feb 19, 2019
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I was having a Windows 10 "windows popup" issue which caused my to engage Microsoft tech support. They told me to go into settings and disable applications, (cant remember exactly where I did that), then I was told to reboot. now when I get to the log in screen I see a red X over the internet icon. It wont accept my picture or text password. Hitting Reset password does nothing. I have tried unplugging, restarting, creating a Bootable drive with a thumb drive. I have also hit the shift key and then restart on the log in screen to get to troubleshooting. I have hit every option (system restore, startup repair, uninstall updates, system image recovery, etc. ) and the screen simply goes to black. I then have to manually power off my PC. I am connected with an Ethernet cable and I know my internet is working. Also when I hit the red X on the internet icon I get a gray box that says airplane mode.
I think I disabled my network. I have also tried hitting del, f8, f12 to get to safe mode but that doesn't work either. please someone help

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