Noise feed back through my home theater subwoofer while gaming

Oct 19, 2017
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I've got my pc in the same room with my home theater system that consists of 2 Klipsch THX ultra II subwoofers that have their own external 1000 watt amplifier.
My pc is connected to my yamaha reciever through toslink for music listening (onboard audio from motherboard).

When I start up a game (evga 980ti kingpin watercooled) I'm getting a very loud feedback type noise through both my klipsch subwoofers, the frequency changes with mouse movements etc.
Interestingly enough I also have a klipsch promedia 2.1 sound system connected to my pc but I never get the feedback through its satellite speakers or its subwoofer.

I have all components connected to surge protectors & even had an electrician install a couple 4 gang electrical outlets so I would have enough outlets. I don't have a ups, my power supply is EVGA 1300g2.

Anybody have any suggestions or know what could be causing this annoying noise. I can even hear it when I'm using a headset its so loud.


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