Ok it's fix what needs fixing hopfuly maybe through power shell shows some promising means c

Jun 10, 2016
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I'm by far not a programmer but I learn fast so I see an opportunity to fix so many missing or removed or moved functions in WIN 10 and its sorely frustrating that MS isn't listining. It's as if the old school developers who made Windows so fun and extremely productive retired and the rug rats neo developers didn't get the notice to stop messing up and trying to be trendy cool. Hey if I. Wanted Apple I would of purchased Apple. So without getting into a master list let me just drop a dash of ideas to correct or redevelop. Example ;
Customize "File Explorer" ie FE to be truly functional as it once was back in the XP Explorer days. It should be easy to set defaults in FE for column widths right? NOT! In fact that function doesn't even exist anylonger. You should be able to set column widths by a number or to automatically adjust to a spicified column of input. How very productive is that and simple. Next, you used to be able to add columns such as comments and tags that actually worked for ALL files. Remember when you had hundreds even thousands of.pdfs and Word. Doc or whatever file and you could type info or ID a file using the optional comments column or add a code ID like categorizing using the optional "TAG" column. That was an extremely strong function extremely productive and yet after XP all those functions are gone or extremely limited. You can replace FE with 3rd. party software but why? Why shouldn't FE do the job. So, if Microsoft isn't going to do the right things then can we out here in the bushes develop these and many other functions that despartly need attention for very badly needed efficiency reason and make Windows fun to use again. Believe me the trendy bling and cute ribbons and such has done very little fir the power user and if we can tweeko out very badly needed functionality then I'm all for it. So MS what do you say and at least help us out a bit here if we are willing to do the redevelopment.


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