Only allow running apps on PC

Apr 9, 2018
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i'm not really new to windows been using it for years, but switched to the chromebooks about 5 years ago and lost track of windows way of doing things. well google made it now so they books have an end of life which is they just stop updating them both os and security. so i switched back to windows and find it is a bit different. google claims they can't keep updating the old machines but i'm running a 20 year old laptop and it runs fine on windows 7.

anyway i now have 3 machines that have 10 on and at least one i maintain for a friend and i want to make it so he can't mess it up. i tried going into gpedit and messing with the setup according to some instructions on the web but when i went to download an antivirus program it downloaded fine and stated to install. i want to try to make the machine so he can't do anything but run it. like in a company where the it guys let you get online and see stuff but not download stuff. he gets into trouble on a daily basis with this, one reason we went to c books can't mess them up.



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