Random and Frequent Restarts

Dec 20, 2015
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(sorry for partial posting, please ignore it)
I have a very similar issue, but every day. Exactly once a day, always (so far) when i'm not actually using the computer, always (i think) when it's sleeping, my Win10 just reboots itself. The event log shows "Critical", some random time, source="Kernel-Power", event ID=41, Task Category=(63). The reboot times seem to work their way around the clock, minutes to hours earlier every day.
This started about a month ago when i allowed the second-last Win10 update, and i need to make it stop. Every open app has to be restarted and restored, and i'm buried in multiple auto-saved versions of Excel and Word files. The hardware is a MSi laptop, which i use as a desktop, i.e. with external mouse, kbd, screen.
Informed ideas welcome, TIA.


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