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Sep 10, 2018
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Wondering if someone can have a look at this dump and see why I'm getting crashes, I'm running a fairly fresh install of w10 - only around a month old.

Crashes often happen on startup, forcing the machine to reboot and the second time it loads into W10 without issues.

I've noticed apps aren't as responsive as usual too and wondering if this could be a hardware issue.

any help would be appreciated



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Nov 19, 2013
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Sorry, that's one of those CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED 0x000000ef and it contains no useful information in the bug check.
It's often a driver issue but the dump file does not mention a single driver in the stack trace.
You might try Google, where you'll likely find mention of everything from
System Restore (if it is a very recent occurrence)
SFC /scannow from safe mode
Clean booting the system to prevent any third party drivers, programs or services from starting.

Clean booting the system is generally a good idea just to see if that alone will stabilize the system and allow you to then, step through the various services, processes and programs one by one to see if you can figure out which if any are causing the problem.

Basically you're just disabling all the Startup Items and All non- Microsoft services.
Be sure to check the box to hide Microsoft Services, as you don't want to accidentally disable any of those.

After configuring your machine to Clean Boot, IF that seems to provide any relief from the problem you will then have to take some time and determine what the offending program, service / process might be.
Carefully and deliberately one non-Microsoft service at a time or in very small groups re-enable them, rebooting after each change to observe any changes. Then graduate to the Startup items again rebooting after each change.
Understanding that in some cases, a Startup item may have a non-microsoft service associated with it and as a result you may not notice the impact until both the Startup item and the service are re-enabled.
A reference to start you off, which as you will find give you some information but there isn't anything truly definitive out there anywhere regarding that particular error.

I would also suggest that you check and confirm that you are running the latest, most recent version of Windows 10 and that you disconnect, physically unplug any unnecessary peripherals during your diagnostics.
Leaving only a USB connect mouse, USB connected keyboard and of course your monitor.
Nothing else, not even a printer, game controller or external hard disk, and....
Especially no wireless devices or dongles (RF, Bluetooth, etc.)

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