Random web browser crash & Inability to connect to gaming server

Jul 7, 2016
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TL;DR - All web browsers close when I try to log into my WoW account

On Tuesday, 05Jul16, morning I tried to open my battle.net launcher and it stated that I couldn't connect to the battle.net severs. I went onto the blizzard forums and tried to log into my account so I can post a ticket. However on Chrome I clicked on the site above and instantly the program closed. Reopened Chrome, got a crash error. Submitted a ticket to Chrome about the crash, I was soon told this was an external problem as I tried all the web browsers (Firefox and Edge) and again had the same problem on the same site. I reinstalled all web browsers and the battle.net launcher. Still same problem. Bought Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home and ran a scan, found nothing. I was so desperate that I did a hard wipe of the PC. Load everything up. Reinstall Chrome and BAM! same problem. I resubmitted a ticket on Chrome. Another thing I tried was I did a Disk Check "chkdsk C:" and nothing came up. I'm totally lost on what to do. Other games from Steam I am still able to play. I am able to use Skype. I am able to go on Facebook/Youtube/Etc. Weird thing to note, the launcher was acting as if I was clicking on the launcher and off of it, when trying to type it would skip keys when it acted like I was clicking on the launcher when I clearly wasn't clicking on it. I am at a totally lost on what I need to do. Please if anyone is out there that can help. I will monitor this forum as long as it is open so I can answer any questions anyone needs to help me. Thank you for your time.


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