Remote computer not visible with 'net view /NETWORK' but with 'net view \\comp' ?

Dec 10, 2021
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I have here a small inhouse LAN network (no active directory) with a few (Windows based) computers.

When I type in Command Prompt:

net view /NETWORK

then all but exactly one of the LAN computers are listed.
It seems to be invisible to the local computer.

Surprisingly when I enter (assuming "mytest" is the critical computername):

net view \\mytest

then all remote shared folders on that computers are successfully listed.

The computer and the remote shared folders are visible and accessible in Windows File Explorer too.

So why does "net view /Network" not show this computer?

Is it a firewall problem?
Is it a permission problem?

All computers in LAN have an IP from 192.168.*.*

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