Removing built in OneDrive

Dec 26, 2015
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I had to mark my previous thread "How to get rid of OneDrive as Solved just to close it.
Wasting time of everyone without any workable solutions - seems nobody is willing to touch this or is prevented or bound by Microsoft to actually give the working hack.
This is what it needs. A Mother of hacks for the registry.
This OneDrive is built into the Windows10 OS and it is specifically designed to mine your money and data in every form (contacts, documents, music, your preferences, etc., on signing pretext to give you FREE storage for your pictures. the rest of the data mining is going on in the background through your Office, Skype, Messengers, any installed image programs etc.
OneDrive is persistently on the FileExplorer menu and over hundred entries in your registry.
You can check it yourself by running regedit.exe /edit and Find OneDrive - repeat with F3. Read what the keys say.
Removing its Program directories and folders did not removed it from the computer. Still doing its dirty tricks.
Many may have wool over their eyes to see the "FREE" Cloud, Sky, OneDrive Storage, and coming Cloud only OS. No personal PCs in the future?
Dumb Windows/Microsoft terminals and their rented programs only.
Myself I want One Drive OFF my computer.
Could not be uninstalled - so they say. I say it was put IN so it can be taken OUT.
Is anyone out there to take on this challenge?


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