Rename does not refresh in-screen; Excel will not connect to "My Computer"

Oct 19, 2015
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I just installed W10. I am experiencing several of the issues posted by others - Defenders, etc. However, I have not seen these two issues.
(1) When I try to rename a file (F2) in Explorer, the file renames but the screen does not refresh and show that name. I have to exit the folder, then reenter that folder. This also is required if I "move" a file from one folder to another - including to the recycle folder.
(2)I was able to open Word without any problem. When I tried to open Excel, however, it froze ("not responding"). I reopened it in "safe mode" and it displayed a blank spread sheet. I keep my files on a USB drive (connected and read by Explorer) and Excel is defaulted to open to that drive. But in safe mode I need to use "Explorer" to access them. So, I click on the "My Computer" icon in Excel and ... "not responding."
Is anyone experiencing similar issues? Are there many more, "darker" issues lurking? I am ready to return to Windows 7. Thanks.



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Nov 19, 2013
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With respect to your explorer issue......
Does manually refreshing explorer (refresh button just to the right of the address bar under the ribbon) reflect your changes?
Regarding your issue with Excel, have you tried repairing your installation?
Control panel, Programs and Features, Microsoft Office, Change, Repair.
Some have found that to work, while still others have had to perform and uninstall and reinstall of the office suite to resolve their issues.

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