Repeated popups saying an app default was reset.

Jul 5, 2016
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After my computer was updated a few days ago, I started getting popups saying an app default was reset. An app caused a problem with a default app setting for (this varies) so it was reset to (this varies). Nothing I have tried seems to stop it. I can reset
the default app and it will immediately be changed again. The popups will sometimes come one after the other for several minutes. Can anyone help with this?



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Nov 19, 2013
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No way, I can even make a very good guess.
Popups are generally not a good thing.
I think the first thing I would do is a thorough scan of the system.
These are the programs I use to generally delouse a computer with virus and or malware issues.
ADWcleaner from here
JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) from here
RogueKiller from here
Norton Power Eraser from here
Malwarebytes from here
SuperAntiSpyware from here
Ccleaner from here
TFC.exe (Temporary Files Cleaner) from here
ESET Online Scanner from here
Eset online scanner is a bit different than the others in that you need to either use
IE or download and run their smart installer if you're using another browser. Then tick
the radio button that says "Enable detection of potentiall unwanted application"
Then click the link that says "Advanced settings", then check all the boxes except the
one that mentions "Use custom proxy settings", unless of course you're using a Proxy
Server. Then just click "Start", it will do a thorough system scan so it takes a long
I don't check the links above everyday, so if you have any problem with any one of them then just Google for the program name but use the site names that I have recommended since I'm relatively certain they are free of extraneous garbage.

I usually start with Ccleaner followed with TFC.....
Then JRT followed by ADWcleaner, then the rest saving Eset Online Scanner till last to bat cleanup.

NOTE: All of the links should provide a page that will allow you to download the free versions of the software, but....
Because of the way the forum software redirects links, some may not work properly and provide the exact page. Most of them do.
The link for eset online scanner may require that you actually, physically type the URL into the address bar of your browser manually in order for it to render the appropriate page.
For instance
Typed into the URL address bar (not the search engine text box should produce the correct download option.

Failing that I would probably use a clean boot to test the system for a day or two to see if that provided any relief.
Easily done, easily undone.

Basically you're just disabling all the Startup Items and All non-Microsoft services.
Be sure to check the box to hide Microsoft Services, as you don't want to accidentally disable any of those.


Jul 22, 2016
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The popups he's referring to are Windows notifications. Scanning for viruses is never a bad idea but it doesn't apply to this problem.

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