Rk Launcher Problems

Sep 10, 2018
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So I recently installed Rk Launcher for my windows 10, which is exactly like rocket dock, to change up the desktop look and I am running into some errors.
1. Some software won't open and show an error message about their path(shown below). I want to know how I can fix this so they will work. (All the applications I am having trouble with are there).
error hp.jpg
error mozilla.jpg

2. I want to know if i can make windows apps(from the app store) work from the dock. So far I've put them in the dock but they wont open and just sit there, mocking me and my computing abilities!!

3. Some software like google chrome won't minimise onto the dock and i have to use the taskbar, which is annoying because its hidden, but other programs like word just minimise into the dock, no problem. How do i fix this?

4. Can you show me, or link me to somewhere (with images) so I can learn how to operate a docklet, cause they look really nice.

5. Where do I place the core files of the software cause I extracted the files onto my desktop and its cluttering my desktop.


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