Screen Saver Problem

Sep 1, 2021
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I've been having a weird screen saver problem now for in excess of a year. I've read of problems with screen savers and update 1803; I really don't know when it began (it's a screen saver; I'm usually lazy. Now it's bugging me!). Here's the weird thing: if I reboot windows and it's sitting at the login screen, the screen saver works just fine. Once I login to Windows, however, the screen saver stops working. I've tried all the typical fixes: windows is updated (regularly), drivers are updated (and Device Manager reports no errors), on resume display login screen, resetting power management options, running the power troubleshooter, etc. I feel that the answer lies in why the screen saver works before logging in but not after but that is more of an educated guess. Any thoughts?

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