Shut down the sound of the speakers "Windows 10 ... !!

Jul 30, 2017
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Hello friends
.. A complicated problem for the sound of my computer that I ask you to help me fix it. Thankful

The system turned on and suddenly heard a disturbing sound from the speakers.
. I was amazed by the noise of the radio sound ...! .. Because I use an 802.11n USB wireless network card. I imagined that it was possible to receive radio waves? .. But checking what I did, I noticed that the speaker sound was interrupted
Normally ... I checked all the installation items and the sound. Everything is awesome, this is a decent thing.
After a few days I returned all the way to the sound ... but unfortunately it did not!
The last way I realized was reinstalling Windows. I did it and formatted the c drive and installed Windows 10. The system came when it heard noises (itching), intense. The sound card was well installed and was in place. But the sound problem has not been resolved
Specifications of my system: _________ Intel (R) _Pentium (R) _CPU_G2020 _ _ 2.90GHz-- Ram .... 2.00> <1.86 usable ... 32byte "system - 64 procasor base
Windows 10 pro
Sound card .. Realtek High Definition Edi ...

I'm waiting for a friend
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Oct 27, 2013
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If you've formatted your system and the speakers are still making the same noise, it could be that you have a connection or hardware problem. Is this a desktop PC with standalone speakers? If so, could you please try unplugging them and see if they work on another device? If they have the standard 3.5mm jack, then it'll work on most audio devices. Give them a test and see if the same problem happens when not connected to your PC :).

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