SOLVED Shutdown Update Mystery

Feb 25, 2016
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I'm new. But, I had a mystery going on for a few weeks that I couldn't solve. Everynight, when I went to shutdown, there it was again! Update. But, it never did. Next night, same thing. I was really stumped, (and getting worried). Then finally, I got to looking around in settings, and found this little button called, 'update other devices on your network' (along with your main device, so essentially the action is; multiple updates, simultaneously). Somehow, I had turned that sucker on! So, I simply toggled it 'off' and clicked 'restart now' and BAM! All those missing updates came rolling in! It's been working on them for about an hour now. But, I'm feeling much better now! Looking forward to a great wrap up of this year. (Now, if they would just give me back my functioning desktop Calendar and Email apps, I'd be in Windows 10 heaven!)

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