Sleep moves/reorders/closes windows at random

Dec 14, 2016
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I'm using a Win10 touchscreen laptop with no external monitors. An Asus Zenbook Flip US360CA to be precise. I have reset it to factory and tried it with no custom programs installed/settings changed. Whenever I shut the lid, it goes to sleep as it should, and wakes up immediately when opened, but...

There's no way to predict what my desktop will look like when I wake it. Sometimes, nothing has changed. Sometimes, the application that was in the foreground is now behind a different window. Sometimes, a bit of the text in my web address bar is highlighted. Sometimes, one or more programs are just closed, but never all of them at the same time.

The other day, I tried just rapidly opening and closing it, and at one point Chrome switched which tab was selected, then after another sleep, it had moved that tab to a different window. Then after another sleep, Chome was closed, but when I opened it again it did not report a crash, as if it had closed normally.

I have searched and seached, and cannot find anyone with this particular issue, though that may be due to the overwhelming number of people who's icons rearrange with multiple monitors. Windows is fully updated, all drivers are current, there is no new bios to load, I changed every power setting, I even tried disabling the touchscreen and rotate/flip sensor... I'm out of ideas.

Please anyone help, I'm going crazy.

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