Split-Screen Problem with Quicken

Apr 12, 2015
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I like to place an account such as checking in the right portion of a Windows 10 Pro split screen and Quicken Deluxe in the left portion. That scheme worked well for years and still does using Internet Explorer. However, starting with the advent of Edge, Quicken takes over the entire screen in the spit-screen mode.

I complained to Microsoft about Quicken and Edge not playing nicely twice. The second time I complained Microsoft responded with a nice message saying the problem had been found and fixed. Unfortunately, the problem has not been fixed, and the Chromium version of Edge has been released.

I also complained to Quicken about the split-screen problem involving Quicken and Edge. The support person listened to my issue and promised to have the issue investigated. There has been no further word from Quicken, and the problem still exists.

So, I'm using Internet Explorer where necessary to work around the split-screen problem. Chrome causes the same split-screen problem, possibly because it and the current version of Edge are derived from Chromium.


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