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Sep 21, 2018
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Ok, I have a question and I KNOW that it's a stupid one, that I'm sure I could find an answer to SOMEWHERE if I just keep digging. But I'm in a hurry, I'm running out of time, and I still can't find a good answer, so here goes:

My mother In Law just gave me a new laptop for my birthday. Its not BRAND NEW, but its a LOT nicer than the one I had. So I sent her the few pics and files she had on it and now I'm switching it over to my accounts, files, etc. Now, She has her user account set up through an outlook account. I was just just gonna create another user account for myself and leave hers be. But I KNOW that's gonna run me into some problems with I enable the Linux subsystem, download and start running Ubuntu, and adding and installing modules and methods on Python. I know all of this will happen because it's happened to me before, when my fiance and I swapped computers because she REALLY like the color of mine.

Anyway, I got her outlook password, went into her account, and deleted this laptop from her outlook account, and from the store on this computer. But it STILL wont let me delete the account from this computer. Does anyone know what I have to do now to get rid of her account and install my own outlook account in its place?? Any help would be REALLY REALLY appreciated!


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Nov 19, 2013
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Open an elevated command prompt (Admin command prompt)
net user JohnSmith /add
hit enter
then type
net localgroup administrators JohnSmith /add
hit enter
hit enter
Restart and log in as JohnSmith
That'll give you a local user account who is also a member of the administrators group and should allow you to delete the other user(s), as well as add a password if you so choose and or sign on with your Microsoft Account.

NOTE: Obviously it doesn't have to be "JohnSmith". Any Tom, Dick or Sally should work fine (dealers choice).


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