Thinkpad Edge E531 Laptop freezes intermittently after repair

Sep 25, 2016
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Hello everyone,

I had an issue with my Thinkpad Edge Lenovo laptop about a month ago, as it couldn't turn on successfully (was showing a black screen only when the power button was pressed). As a result, due to the fact that my laptop was under warranty, I sent it to the Lenovo repair centre, where they replaced the motherboard and keyboard (this was shown on the repair sheet that was received along with the laptop).

When I received my laptop, I realized that it was freezing every 1 second, which was very frustrating as I couldn't even move the mouse to where I wanted, and generally I wasn't able to perform any tasks at my laptop at all!

As a result, I decided to replace my hard drive as I thought that maybe this was the problem. I bought an SSD hard drive, installed windows 10 on it and again the same problem exists!

The laptop freezes intermittently every 1 second and I cannot actually do anything on it!

My warranty expires in 5 days and I am really worried. Is there anything I can try to do on my laptop to fix this issue?

Or shall I try ringing Lenovo again?

Thanks a lot
Jul 29, 2015
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Send it back before the warranty runs out. You should have notified them immediately when it came back from warranty repair in the first place. Hopefully, you did not void the warranty by replacing the drive. :(

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