Unable to install KB3035583; unable to get Win10 upgrade icon

Jul 30, 2015
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Since about May of this year, installation of KB3035583 fails. No trouble with other updates. In fact, last night I successfully installed KB2952664.

It is my understanding that KB3035583 is necessary in order to receive the Windows 10 reservation icon.
I have not gotten that icon on my desktop but I would like to try it out.

As per instructions from sevenforums.com, I ran SURT, restarted and ran SFC scan. No troubles or issues there.

When I try to install KB3035583 after these steps, I get error code 800B0100.

I tried to attach the ZIP of my CBS folder but it was over 25MB and repeated attempts to upload it failed. The folder contains some items dating back to Feb 2015. Let me know if there are select items from this folder which you need in order to proceed.

I am doing a full system scan using Avast Free Edition currently to see if that brings any issues up.



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