Using Metered Connection to Wait for Patched Update?

Jun 1, 2015
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Hey all,

Okay, so I understand how to use metered connections to buy some time before installing updates, but I am only concerned about buying some time to see if any updates are bad--it seems to only take minutes after updates come out for the Net to buzz with "Bad Update!"

If Microsoft, once discovering an update is bad, immediately removes it, then a metered connection will work to prevent downloading it. If, however, Microsoft leaves the bad update while they come up with a new and improved update and they never remove the bad one, then a metered connection probably won't help; you're going to end up downloading the bad update regardless--sure, along with the new update, but you may still have problems.

Anyone know how Microsoft handles bad updates, once they're known?
Oh, and does Microsoft still do updates only on Tuesdays?

Thanks much,



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