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Oct 30, 2018
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Can you help me to figure out, if I am able to use for free System.Speech.Synthesis tts default Zira voice, (without other Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime Languages or different specific voices), and also use System.Speech.Recognition reference of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS in my C# WPF or WinForms commercial or scientific project desktop applications, or I have to buy some license.

I'm not sure, but if a license is necessary to use references in my personal project, and if Microsoft License Terms is what should answer my question, exactly, what specific license do I have to get, anyway, I can't figure out, how to use Microsoft License Terms in my particular case, because I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 Microsoft.Net Framework on Windows 10 Pro OS.

I hope, using of references must be free for Windows OS user/developer, and If I understand it correctly Microsoft Copyrighted Content concerns cases when an using of Microsoft product goes beyond software development in a native environment, like in this topic. My using is a Windows desktop software development in native environment.

I've tried ask this question on Microsoft Support, but it is impossible contact with real person from Virtual Agent. Stackoverflow destroys such questions, because it is not lawyers community. MSDN redirects me to Visual Studio Forum, but It seems the System.Speech.Synthesis and System.Speech.Recognition not belong to the Visual Studio: Distributable Code for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (Includes Utilities, Extensibility, and BuildServer Files). I'm not sure, how to find this information. logically references should be freely provided for development in the natural environment, for example Viseme Event from System.Speech.Synthesis namespace, which must be used in games, but there is no specific information with particular tools for independent developer anywhere.

Are this tools someway different, for example, from "using System" or any other basic references in Microsoft OS, in terms of using for Windows OS personal software development. If yes, then what I have to do, to use System.Speech.Synthesis and System.Speech.Recognition legally for personal commercial or scientific (non-commercial) Windows desktop application project.

Any advice or guide to find this information would be helpful
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